The TUC sets a new standard in performance for track carriers.The TUC comes standard with a reliable and powerful engine, while the industrial components allow you to go anywhere.

  • 8 Hours Continuous Use Per Tank of Fuel
  • Haul easily with a 4,200 lb Towing Capacity
  • 23 HP Air Cooled Engine
  • Industrial Hydraulic Drive Train
  • Industrial Components
  • Off-Road Rubber Track designed for Military and Outdoor Enthusiasts
  • Corrosion Resistant Powder Coat Finish

Ride Quality

The TUC has the highest ride quality for any track carrier. The TUC all terrain carrier is the first carrier of it's kind to come standard with a full suspension in the tracks and seat.

  • Walking Beam Suspension
  • Fully Adjustable, Fully Suspended Seat with lap belt
    (harness is an additional option)
  • Automotive Grade Electronic Controls
  • Off-Road Rubber Track designed for military and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Lighting is LED


The TUC all terrain carrier comes standard with an extensive list of operator-focused features.

  • Ambidextrous Left Hand/Right Hand Controls
  • Electronic Gauge Cluster and Informational Display/USB charging station
  • Rear Storage
  • Quick Attachments in Front and Rear, from a snow plow to pull-behind lawn equipment
  • Mounting Capacity for Shooting Rail, Fishing Rods, etc.